Nabil Elderkin

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Nabil Elderkin


Beverly Hills Hotel, Jamaica

Lambda Digital C-Type Print

36 x 24 in

Edition of 10

All proceeds will be donated to the following charitable organizations:

Elman Peace and Human Rights Center (ELMAN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded in Somalia in 1990. ELMAN provides innovative, lifesaving support services to those in need and strives to create a more enabling, progressive and just environment in the contexts it operates.

Breakdance Project Uganda (BGU) is a youth centered project which started in February 2006 with a focus on those who are disadvantaged to give them hope and opportunities. The Project has been built around free breakdancing classes and it partners with other organizations to provide social and educational activities.

Marullos is the organization in charge of promote and document surfing in the Dominican Republic and thru which they support different programs for kids and juveniles around the island with no resources. Teaching them surfing, providing equipment and do educational and cultural activities like film screen under the sky at their local beach. 

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